Beware the holiday season is approaching….

Summer holidays is the high season for ‘International Parental Child Abduction’

Each holiday season CARI are contacted by many frantic parents who have had their child/children abducted. CARI knowns particularly in the lead up to the school holidays; that before or during school holidays is one of the most common times for a child to be abducted. One parent takes the child/children alone on a holiday and never returns often taking the child/children overseas to parts unknown.

UK figures show that parental child abduction and custody cases have doubled in the space of a decade – from 272 in 2003 to 580 in 2013.




Some signs to look out for;

The most obvious warning sign is a break down in a relationship,

A sudden interest in getting a passport or copy birth certificate for the child, Concealed, hidden, and abrupt communication with individuals or family members living in a foreign country,

A parent expressing a wish to holiday alone with the child,

A change in circumstances such as leaving employment or redundancy, selling a house or giving up tenancy,

No financial reason to stay,

An announcement of an unexpected trip to another country with the child.

Follow your gut feelings……. International Parental Child Abduction is now a worldwide epidemic problem, it can happen to you! Remember, the Hague Convention is only a tool to assist in the return of your child, and a somewhat unreliable tool…….

Prevention is better than cure. 4 of CARI’s current assignments have all started from a ‘Holiday’.

CARI is available for advice on prevention measures and warning signs.

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