Another Victim parent!!

VICTIM PARENTS COMING FORWARD STATING THE TRUTH ABOUT THE UK GOVERNMENT NOT CARING……Another heartbreaking story of a mothers fight to get her children back with a failing system and government that, we can confirm just doesn’t care about helping it’s innocent children. The UK FCO (Foriegn Commonwealth Office) are adament that the ‘system’ works and works well!!!

In our recent meeting with the FCO, we were informed that Hague Convention rulings ‘do’ get enforced, “Yeh, right!” and we are the fairy godmother…………..the UK government are so in denial that they will not change anything in order to help UK citizens abducted abroad. CARI carry out on average 3 recoveries every month and 99% of them are to enforce the Hague Convention rulings, as no one else gives a damn. A Hague Convention return order is not worth the paper it’s writen on as they are nearly always ignored by the abductor and NEVER enforced! That’s a fact…..

This article is one of hundreds of UK victim parents recieving absoutely no support in their nightmare to reunite with their children.

Click on the image below to read the full article………………..

'My children are forbidden from having any contact with me.'


As we mentioned to the FCO it’s ashame as the UK government is lagging behind other governments, as far as assisting their citizens abroad getting home.

Article like this can only help in making the topic of International Parental Child Abduction more aware to everyone and encourage other vicitm parents to come forward to the media with their stories. The more pressure the UK government gets from victim parents and those supporting them as well as the media exposing the truth of the lack of support, only then will someone high up who has the ballls to make changes, eventually take notice. Well, maybe one day not in the near future!

CARI works with a number of different government bodies and we have to say, we feel sorry to those UK citizens who need government help………



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