BBC Radio 5 Live in the UK

CARI’s Managing Director, Adam Whittington on BBC Radio 5 Live in the UK, discussing the legal loophole making it difficult to prevent parental child abduction. Cross-cultural relationships are on the increase – but when those partnerships break down, is enough being done to protect the interests of any children involved?The answer is absolutely NO…….Everyone involved in parental child abduction, knows the truth that goverments will never help victim parents, police don‘t want to get involved, authorities are corrupt and many lawyers milk every penny out of victim parents, knowing they can not and will not get their client’s children home.

Lawyers will always state, that if chidlren are taken to a Hague country you will get your child back quickly…….what a load of garbage. Our research and experience shows that only 3-5% of Hague applications submitted are successful. The other 95%-97% the victim parent will also be a victim to the system waiting years for an outcome and then to be told no one will enforce the successful rulling or the abductor goes on the run and into hiding. Many abductors live comfortable knowing that the authorities will not and do not go looking for them to return the children.

These are the facts and truth and anyone informing victim parents of anything else is a lier.

The bottom line is regardless of so called new measures for change, the changes will have absolutely zero effect on getting victim parents their children home. The proof is in the number of children being brought home through the system!!!!!




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