Little Moregan doing wonderful ;-)

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Easter then with some pictures of our little friend/hero Moregan!!If you had of seen the state of him 4 weeks ago living in hell you would not believe this is the same little boy. Almost 4 weeks since CARI rescued Moregan he has made remarkable progress. A massive job for his dad to take on, not only the physical but also the psychological trauma this boy has experienced.


10271470_277956172372585_3888904921731619787_n 10169351_277956115705924_4929125865300833895_n

Gordon you are a wonderful dad who fought through impossible sitauations but you never gave up!

Also a massive pat on the back for Sean Felton and Abducted Angels who were the only ones who supported Gordon through thick and thin and is the reason why Moregan is home with his father. These pictures are from Abducted Angels, after spending a lovely day with Moregan and his father yesterday.

Little Moregan can now sing 2 songs in English and is learning his ABC’s. For us guys who have been there in your hell to rescue you and see you smiling in these pictures a few weeks later, sincerly puts a tear in our eyes…….

This is why CARI do what we do, when no one else will help these innocent victims.

Happy Easter from all the team at CARI…….


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