Living Hell finally returned home

CARI would like to say a BIG WELCOME HOME to another 4 children over the last 48 hours.A child taken from her home in 2010 and has been on the run with their abductor. Living with a fake identity, being disguised as a boy and not knowing who she really is! CARI operatives recovered safely this young girl from Egypt and returned her to her loving family in Canada.

Welcome home princess!


Three children abducted in 2010 from their loving mother who has been fighting endlessly to get her children back. Another case of the Hague Convention not being worth the paper it’s written on!

The system sucks and over and over again is letting parents down. This is a ANOTHER perfect example of this. The mother won the Hague with the abductor ordered to return the children within 7 days…………23 months later and with no help from any authorities including the court who ordered the return, the mother approached CARI. All we will say is that these 3 children who have been going through absolute hell since being abducted, have now been recovered safely by CARI operatives and returned to the US.

Welcome home kids, enjoy a normal life!

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