3 little Heros!!!

What do these 3 wonderful boys have in common?
Picture 1528
They have all been victims of Parental Child Abduction and victims of the SYSTEM which has let them down!On the left little Amani was abducted and held by his father in Turkey in horrible conditions near Syria on the run for a number of years. Recovered by CARI.

In the middle little Jobe was abducted to Thailand from the UK by his mother and was treated to extremely poor conditions with severe health problems.

On the right little Moregan, abducted from the UK and dumped in a location in Laos that your dogs would not live in. Recovered by CARI.

There are thousands of innocent children like these boys out there who need help. Governments need to do alot more in both assisting them returning home and also introducing MORE prevention measures to stop abductors just taking off with these children.

CARI would like to say thank you to those involved in both supporting and assisting these boys get home which include, staff at the UK embassy in Laos, staff at the UK embassy in Turkey, Passport control/immigration in Turkey, Thailand immigration officers, lawyers for the parents, and those extra helpers – you know who you are!!
And to Sean Felton who is the father of little Jobe in this picture. If it was not for Sean and his wonderful non-government funded charity ‘Abducted Angels’ both little Moregan and Amani would still be living in the hell they were. Thank You Sean!

Abducted Angels is the ONLY charity that offers parents assistance financially as well as all other support measures with all staff being victims of Child Abduction. Other charities raise money for themselves unlike ‘Abducted Angels’ who raise money to give to parents also!!!

CARI will continue to help bring these innocent children home……


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