Mission Impossible….Complete!!!

Mission Impossible………Complete!!

CARI operatives have again been busy around the World recovering abducted Children. We would like to highlight not just a recovery but what we treated as a Rescue Operation. The rescue story would shock most.

Taken from his home in the UK and ‘dumped’ in a tiny village in Laos. This is the first and only abduction case in Laos. This child’s Human Rights has been violated and is a severe case of Child abuse.

The abducting mother after ‘dumping’ the boy in Laos with his grandparents who the boy did not know, then left immediately to live in the United States to the live the Amercian Dream. That was 3.5 years ago and in that time she has seen her child ZERO times. The father has fought with everything he has to get his neglected son home, but NO ONE would help.

CARI has worked alot with many different Foreign Offices and Embassies around the world and to be honest the Foreign Office in London who dealt with this case was slack, they should be ashamed with the lack of support they offered the father. You failed in helping this innocent Child!!!!!
‘Some’ governement employees need to stop thinking about themselves and pull your finger out your arses to help these Children!

Yes, there are certain things your limited in doing BUT there are many more things you can and don’t do just to cover your own arses. Your failing these parents and most of all these children. Very easy to turn your computer off at 5pm and go home, but what if it was your Child???

You CAN do more then your standard email pushing!!

CARI was told this recovery could not be done and that it was just to dangerous. Laos authorities are so corrupt and will not hesitate to kill anyone who crosses them.

You see the Laos Court ignored the UK Court rulings and made the decision that the father needed to sort it out himself with the grandparents. YES, you read correctly, that was the judges decision. Also knowing there was no way on this planet any agreement was going to be made as the father had tried this and all other avenues to get his son returned without success, the Laos authorities made it clear the boy wouldn’t leave and they were not going to help.

The condition of this childs health was horrible. Limited to no education, no doctor, or dentist and living in a place that would scare the rats away. A 5 year old boy with all his top teeth missing and others rotten.


CARI operatives were pushed to their best to rescue Moregan and we are happy to announce we did just that. The location of Moregan most consider a suicide recovery. We know of one Company who accepted this recovery but refused to do it once they knew how hard it was.

We seen it as a rescue compared to a recovery becuase no child deserve to live how he did, in a location that was one of CARI’s hardest and most disgusting.

Moregan was rescued at 0830hr on Monday 24th and landed safely in the UK to his loving family at 0730hrs Tuesday 25th. Moregan will need a lot of help in many ways, after what he has suffered and after being isolated from civilisation. The simple things in life most 5 year olds experience at the age of 2, Moregan will need to learn at the age of 5.

YES we will say it, the UK government you FAILED a young innocent child who needed your help in extreme circumstances and to us that absolutely SUCKS!!!!

Moregan welcome home little man from all the team at CARI. Enjoy your Life………..

And how we did it, well that’s our secret 😉


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