Lessons to be learnt for all in Parental Child Abduction

The purpose with the follow on stories in relation to the Poland/Cyprus below case, is to make it clear that parents like the abductor in this case need to STOP using their children as a tool or weapon against the other parent. There are correct ways in which to get access and or custody of children and unfortunately this abductor has no respect for the law or any system. Abductors like this not only set a bad example for their children but they also set a bad example for other would be abductors.

It is sade to know that even after a parent has fought the system and won they now have to fear for the abductor making more attempts to illegally abduct/snatch their children away from them even when it is very clear the children are very happy and especially together as sisters.


STOP and think about the poor children!!!!!

In this case it clearly shows what lengths abductors will make including lying and making false allegations to authorities in an attempt to get their way.

The other purpose of us highlighting this case, is to get the word out there in countries like Poland that systems need to change. Poland has not had a good reputation in dealing with Hague cases, so maybe this case will highlight the need for a drastic change.

On a positive note: The judges in this particular case deserve a pat on the back and should be a role model for other judges in Poland dealing with Hague Convention cases. Poland signed up to the Hague Convention and it’s now time to start implementing decisions that is best for the child.

Others who also have assisted the father in Poland over the last few years, also deserve a pat on the back for fighting a system that has never been broken, until now. Well done to all those involved, you know who you are!

The Cyprus Embassies and Cyprus Foreign Office also need to be congradulated for all the work in assisting one of their own get home safely. Other Embassies and Foreign Offices around the world dealing with similar situations when it comes to children should also take note……

Children’s safety and well being come first!

“Parents are teachers, guides, leaders, protectors and providers for their children”



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