Sisters reunited after 3 years thanks to CARI

Abducted as a little baby 3 years ago, taken away from her older sister, been on the run, held as a prisoner, vanished off the radar for 2 years, exposed to pedophiles and pornography are just a few ‘facts’ about little Crystals story which… has been covered by the media both in Poland and Cyprus over the years.
A desperate fathers journey and struggle to fight and bet the somewhat rubbish system even after winning the Hague and all appeals, when all was against him including a failed attempt to have his older daughter kidnapped by hired criminals.
Corrupt court officials taking over 2 years to try and locate this little angel, yet it took CARI 11hrs to locate her and recover her safely 10 days later!!
A very sad story with a very happy ending as 2 sisters are reunited again……..and on her birthday today
Welcome home Angel go enjoy your life, from all the team at CARI…….
(Posted at request of father) To the 4 squirrels….it was a pleasure…..

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