CARI do it again! (Gareth Tibbles)

Back in 2011, Anisa Khansia’s son, Amani was taken from her in Turkey by her husband who she had recently separated from.
Anisa, not wishing to be cruel thought that Amani’s grandparents deserved to see how he was developing and progressing so made a trip to Turkey to show them. When she arrived in Turkey her (now ex-) husband kidnapped Amani and blocked any access to him from Anisa. This started a tug of war battle for her to be reunited with her son.
Anisa had won a High Court ruling in addition to The Hague Convention in gaining custody of Amani in Turkey, for sole custody of her son after he was abducted. For the next two years Her ex-husband continued to bombard her with abusive e-mails, texts and tweets. Anisa had contacted The Sun newspaper to raise awareness of her plight to be reunited with Amani.
In October 2013 following numerous visits to Turkey by The CARI team, a plan was formed to ensure that the reunification of Anisa and Amani would be successful. This involved befriending, Anisa’s ex-husband to ensure that he would bring Amani to a meeting between the two parents. After travelling to Turkey, Anisa followed the plans that had been put into place between CARI and Anisa which involved a few initial meetings between Anisa and her ex-husband. Once his guard was let down an operation was put into place involving the Turkish a Police and CARI to return Amani to Anisa. This plan was to intercept a meeting between the parents and then for the local Police to arrest her ex-husband for not agreeing to a court order. This plan worked and then CARI drove Anisa through the night to a safe haven in preparation for their long awaited trip home via Greece.
Thanks to both Abducted Angels and CARI, Anisa and Amani are both enjoying their lives with Amani being spoilt for every birthday and Christmas that he missed by being separated from his mother.
Child Abduction is a serious crime and both Abducted Angels and CARI will offer every assistance in the hope of reuniting parents from their abducted children. For more information please contact either group on the web links below.
Thanks also to Anisa Khansia, CARI and Abducted Angels, for their input in putting together this post.
Photo courtesy of Anisa Khansia
Anisa Khansia

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  1. Sylvia says:

    That is brilliant news, im so happy amani is bk with his mummy, ive thought about them ever since I first read the story ,

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