Why do parents kidnap their own children?

According to family abduction experts, parents cite the following reasons for kidnapping their own children:
•To force a reconciliation or continued interaction with the left-behind parent;
•To spite or punish the other parent;
•From fear of losing custody or visitation rights;
•In rare cases, to protect the child from a parent who is perceived to molest, abuse, or neglect the child.
Family abduction happens when a family member, usually a parent, kidnaps and conceals a child for any length of time. It is a serious crime that happens to over 203,000 families a year in the US alone. Life on the run for a child abducted by a family member offers many dangers: over half of family abductors have a history of violence, substance abuse, or a criminal record. In addition, children are often deprived of schooling and medical care, and learn to distrust the very authorities who could help them.
The potential for harm is so great that many US states prosecute family abduction as a felony.

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