A Real Horror Story……

CARI receives requests for help by victims of Child Abduction who have faced nightmare situations in an attempt to be with their most precious gift……their children. This cry for help below from a mother to CARI, has been approved by the parent to show people what she has and is going through. It breaks our hearts when we receive these cries for help… Parental Child Abduction needs alot more …awareness so please help CARI spread the world.
“Hi   I am a mother of a 18 month old breastfed boy . In dec 2012 I was tricked into travelling to egypt by my ex . Once I was there I was locked in a room and beaten by a belt by my ex my son was snatched from me and I was forced to travel to uk alone I have since then got custody in egypt and the uk but have been unsuccessful in getting my son back . I had a chance to see my son whilst in egypt in January this year under strict supervision my son was dirty un kempt he had a burn mark on his hand he was crying so much when I had to leave him . Since then I havent seen my son . Can u help me get my son back from egypt”

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