Child Protection Devices

In our high-tech times it seems as though technology is available to do almost anything, including keep children safe when you can not be with them. Though debate still rages about whether so called child-tracking or child-monitoring devices are a good thing or too invasive, some research suggests that up to 75% of British parents would invest in a device to trace their child’s movements in order to better protect them from injury or The Threat Of Abduction. Today, there are indeed several such child protection devices on the market for parents wishing to track their children when they must be away.



Many parents like the idea of a wristband or watchband that, when their child is wearing it, will allow them to track their child’s whereabouts. With radio frequency identification (RFID) chips embedded in the bands, parents are able to log on to the Internet to follow their child’s movements, and some technologies even allow parents to receive text messages updating them when their child moves location. While there is usually more technology available in the world than is sold in the UK, a quick Internet search should be able to turn up what is available.

In theory, child protection devices are a good, if controversial, method of keeping your child safe when you can not be with him/her.  Don’t let these devices lull you into a false sense of security though. Just remember that they are only valuable when used in addition to the good safety sense that you must instil in your child. Without this basis, no device in the world will be able to keep your child safe and protected.

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